Brand New Range of Products

Opening the doors for you, inside the world of luxury, where precious metals are not just forged but blended with creativity, love & passion to deliver designs that compliments every moment of your life.

Our Collection

Kundan Jewellery

“Kundan” purest form of gold, when handcrafted in traditional way in Rajasthani design having polkis embedded in unique way, makes ornaments desirable to individuals of all age, gender & ethnicity.

Diamond Jewellery

Women’s best friend Diamond’s dazzle is nothing in comparison to the shine of a smile that comes naturally on our clients face as they adore the amazing, exquisite diamond jewelry on the first go & surrendering to beauty later.

Gold Jewellery

“Gold is companion of good times & friend of bad times”. Often, gold is treated as a financial security tool for ages. However, the beautiful handcrafted traditional & contemporary gold jewelry aspires individuals to fulfill hidden desire of feeling beautiful & sparkling at the same time securing the future in your hands.

Pearl Jewellery

If one has to coin a word that blends magnificent, marvelous & alluring in one word, Pearl would be the word for it. A remarkable representation of trust, our pearl jewelry has been favorite choice for those aspiring unmatched elegance.


It’s as difficult for us to choose from our wide range of alluring offerings, as it is for you. Yet, presenting to you the benchmark of artisanship, Mastery & passion blended with our love for perfection.


Our Showroom Was first established by Pratap Singh ji chopra and Sarda T Bhi Chopra at their residence in Gangashahar which is known as diamond house and then soon in 1996.


Different collection, tried to inculcate the latest trend and keep updated ourselves Specially know for perfect collection for marriage.


A flexible work schedule doesn’t mean slacking off or not meeting deadlines. Instead, it allows an employee to decide their own work hours.


Our Showroom Was first established in Gangashahar which is known as diamond house and then soon in 1996 they started a showroom.